If you need fingerprints for the state of Tennessee (ex. Real Estate, Insurance) DO NOT schedule an appointment with us. Please visit an iDentogo location to proceed.

Mobile Background Checks Murfreesboro

Mobile Background Checks in Murfreesboro

Mobile Background Checks Services Murfreesboro

Unable to make it to our office?

Fingerprints and More offer mobile background check options in the Murfreesboro area. Simply book a mobile fingerprinting appointment and our technicians will come to your home or office to take your fingerprints. Once we have your fingerprints recorded, we are able to submit them to the appropriate agency.

Methods of Fingerprinting

Traditional Ink And Roll

The original way to take fingerprints. The ink prints are usually applied to an FD-258 fingerprinting card. 

Electronic Fingerprint Capture

To provide faster transmission times for our customers, our software allows us to use digital live scan fingerprinting methods. 

Fingerprint Cards

 If you require a different type of card, please contact us in advance so we can accommodate you. We stock both FBI (FD-258) and FINRA fingerprint cards in our office.

Mobile Fingerprinting is Available On These Forms:

  • FD-258 (FBI) Cards

  • FINRA Cards

  • NFA

  • SF-87

  • State Specific Cards

  • Any court related fingerprint forms

  • Any country specific fingerprint forms

Appointment Request
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Meet With A Mobile Technician

Our mobile technicians travel to your location and use a very robust live scan device to perform your appointment. We can submit your record right on the spot or use the live scan capture to print your fingerprints on a card of your choice.


The Appointment Process

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Choose your convenient time from the calendar. 

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