If you need fingerprints for the state of Tennessee (ex. Real Estate, Insurance) DO NOT schedule an appointment with us. Please visit an iDentogo location to proceed.

About Us

About Fingerprints & More

At Fingerprints and More, our staff is focused on providing fast and efficient fingerprinting services to the residents of Murfreesboro Tennessee year-round.

We specialize in personalized fingerprinting services built to be convenient for all our clients.

To ensure your prints are sent to the agency or department as fast as possible, we make use of the most up-to-date live scan technologies.

We use our software to print all varieties of cards of your choice directly from our live scan device which results in less mess and more accurate prints.

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Need To Get Fingerprinted?

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Meet With A Mobile Technician

Our mobile technicians travel to your location and use a very robust live scan device to perform your appointment. We can submit your record right on the spot or use the live scan capture to print your fingerprints on a card of your choice.

Minimum Mobile Fee: $250 - Call for Pricing

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