If you need fingerprints for the state of Tennessee (ex. Real Estate, Insurance) DO NOT schedule an appointment with us. Please visit an iDentogo location to proceed.

FBI Background Checks

FBI Background Checks for Personal & Business Purposes

FBI Background Check Services

 FBI background checks include an outline of your criminal records.

Also referred to as "rap sheet", FBI Background Check is a summary of an individual’s criminal history or activity, and the information used in the report is composed of data from local enforcement, state, and federal agencies.

Be advised, although any company can require a background check as a necessity of potential employment, only you can request a summary of your criminal history from the FBI

How We Submit To The FBI

Electronic Submissions

Live Scan Fingerprinting allows us to submit your fingerprints to the FBI electronically. 

FD-258 Card Print Out

Ink Fingerprinting is the conventional way of submitting fingerprints to the FBI via FD-258 cards. 

Reasons For FBI Background Checks

Federal Purposes

To identify an individual before processing a request many federal agencies require your fingerprints 

A common example is an FBI Background Check. 

Out Of State Requirements

 For a state, you do not live in, If you are applying for a license or background check your fingerprints will be required. 

Foreign Countries

Many countries will have a specific fingerprinting form that needs to completed. If you need your fingerprints taken for a foreign country,  be sure you are getting them taken on the correct form. 

The Appointment Process

Choose A Date and Time

Choose your convenient time from the calendar. 

Choose Your Service

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Receive Your Service

Most appointments completed in 15-20 minutes.

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